The first successful test call between SCF LNG and Yamal LNG

Christophe de Margerie, an LNG carrier owned and operated by the SCF group, has successfully completed a test call at NOVATEK’s Kildin Vostochny temporary berth off the island of Kildin in the Barents Sea, as well as other potential NOVATEK projects in the Russian Arctic.

The Kildin Vostochny berth is expected to be used to tranship LNG from ship to ship on the high seas from LNG Arc7 carriers to conventional LNG carriers, which will then transport LNG further west.

Igor Tonkovidov , President and CEO of the SCF Group, commented: “The SCF continues to be actively involved in infrastructure development to provide efficient and secure logistical support to industrial projects in the Russian Arctic, which will help facilitate freight growth along the North Sea. The crew of Christophe de Margerie has once again demonstrated its ability to successfully conduct complex naval operations. It should be recalled that Christophe de Margerie was the first ship to dock successfully at the LNG terminal in the port of Sabetta on the Yamal Peninsula. It later transported the first LNG cargo produced at the Yamal LNG plant and recently became the first large-capacity cargo vessel. “


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