The filling station in Bratislava on Kaukazská Street is conveniently located on the main logistics axis between Vienna and Budapest, which significantly makes LNG refueling available to transport companies that use this fuel.

How to get to us:

Take the E65 in the direction of "Bratská" - Exit the E65 in the direction of "Lúky / Háje" - Turn left towards "Bratská" - Turn right and continue to "Kaukazská street" - On the left there is the entrance to the gas station - Keep left behind the entrance gate - Go all the way back , where you will see the LNG / CNG sign.

Further details:

If interested in LNG / CNG fuel, do not hesitate to contact us at the above contacts and you will learn more about:

  • method of refueling
  • terms and conditions
  • prices
  • we will answer everything you need to know

Grand opening of the gas station: